Wild Birds Forever Customer Comments

We want you to feel comfortable ordering from us. We realize many companies claim it, but we really do focus on quick shipping and excellent customer service. It’s Gail’s passion!

The following represents a small sampling of what our customers say about us. We promise to do our absolute best to delight you as we have these folks!

John G, Texas

“Your USPS package was received yesterday, 1 August. What incredible service from California! Thank you for such fantastic customer support – quick, communicative and true to your word! If we ever need anything for our bird feeders, etc., you’ll be the first place we look…”

John G, Texas

“Thanks to your tips the local hunkers are FINALLY coming to my feeders. I have them at home in San Diego but the ones at our little beach house in Cabo have been ignoring the feeders for 3 years! I did all the things younsaid,ribbon,shade,4 – 1 mix, not too close to their natural food source and VIOLA!!! We have them all day long now.

Just wanted to thank you & let you know you,re right!”

John Shear, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

“Hello all. You have a great Web site! I’ve been messing around with those cheap plastic thistle feeders for a couple years and haven’t had much success attracting birds to them. This year, I had pair of goldfinches visit our yard frequently, but they didn’t pay too much attention to the feeder. So, I decided to try your Droll Yankee Mini-Tube feeder. I was surely impressed when it arrived! The thing is built to last forever and I like the baffle inside which deflects bottom seeds to the sides while letting water drain. The goldfinches are feeding on that a lot, and appear to have invited others over also. I’m seeing other types of finches now too, so it’s working out wonderful. Now I have to consider getting another one, or a bigger one!”

Debra Martin, Parkersburg, West Virginia

“I just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Mega 25 Pound Hopper Feeder. Even though it was a product that was to be drop shipped from the manufacturer I still got it so quickly. It came in 8 days. It was well made, and had good craftsmanship. I was very pleased with it. This feeder is a little more money than most feeders, but I think it’s well worth the money I paid for it. I am a member of your birthday club. I took advantage of the birthday discount with this purchase. Because this feeder holds 25 pounds of seed, this winter when the weather is bad I won’t need to go outside everyday to refill the bird feeders. If I’m under the weather, and I don’t feel up to going outside I won’t have to worry about keeping the feeders filled on a daily basis. I think this feeder would be great if a person wanted to be away from home for a short period of time. There would be plenty of seed to feed the birds while they were gone. I bought a wooden mounting bracket for extra support to attach the feeder to a 4 X 4 post. I have already started using this feeder. The birds did not have any trouble spotting this large feeder. I am really looking forward to using it this winter. I have ordered several products including a platform feeder, squirrel munch box, and now the Mega 25 Pound Hopper Feeder. I have been pleased with everything I have received. The service here is so courteous and prompt. I would not hesitate to recommend your web site to anyone. “

April Hamrick, Stateline, Nevada

“Thank you. I’ve been wanting to tell you. I bought your Squirrel Mugshots sweatshirt and mug, I save the sweatshirt for gloomy days, I get giddy just thinking about putting it on! Really. It puts a spring in my step. Thanks for the pick-me-up! Also the hot pepper ‘no melt’ suet is probably the best thing that has ever happened to my bird feeding. it’s so easy and clean to deal with and it lasts a lot longer since only the birds eat it, for the first time I can keep the suet feeders full at all times. I’m so glad I found your online store!!”

Tina M.Uebler, Evans Mills, New York (near the St.Lawrence River in Northern New York State).

“To the folks at Wild Birds Forever: I just recently took an interest in feeding wild birds and was cruising the internet a while back and happened upon your web page. It is terrific!!! I have ordered items a couple of times now and every time I order, I can’t wait to get the package. I ordered one of your larger bird proof feeders, along with the ant moat and hummingbird cleaning brushes, and seed–it’s great. The products are of high quality and prices are great. I have become a devoted “fan” of Wild Birds Forever. I am anxiously awaiting my next order to arrive on Monday. My birds thank you. I enjoy information and advice given, it has been very helpful to me. Now I want to research materials on neighborhood bats as I am finding out they can be very useful. I thank you Wild Birds Forever. You have yourself a devoted customer. Many thanks. Sincerely,”

Henry S. Krygier, purchased the Mantra Wind Chime.

“Just thought I’d drop a note and say that I received my Mantra Chimes this afternoon and they are so much more than I expected. They are truly beautiful and the sounds they produce are heavenly. I really do love them. I’ve been showing them to all my friends and they all say they never heard such beautiful tones. In a couple of weeks I might order the Box Chimes. Won’t be surprised if you will be hearing from them. Truly am happy with my purchase. Thank you so much for selling such an awesome sound instrument..”

Marla Simmons-Menchaca, Tenants Harbor, ME, purchased one of our Decorative hummingbird Feeders as a gift.

“Dear “Wild Birds Forever”
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your customer service. I had never ordered online before and was a little nervous. Your quick response of emails with order #’s and UPS tracking #’s relieved my anxiety and let me know that my order was being processed. Additionally you had said to expect the item to arrive in 6 -7 business days, it arrived in 5 and the recipient thinks the item is just beautiful (reassuring since I had seen only a photo of the item) and enjoyed all the additional info you sent about hummingbirds. Thanks again for making my online ordering an enjoyable experience. Happy Holidays to all.”

Alan Packard, Bear Valley Springs, California, purchased a Bluebird House

“I just received the bluebird nesting box I ordered. Your company did everything right and fast! I’m happy with your service and will not hesitate to order from you again and to recommend you to others.
Thank you,”

Kathy and Dave Stein

I love watching the birds in our front and backyard in S.E. Virginia. I have been searching the web for good sites with information on feeding, and habitats to find our types of birds and your site is wonderful! I just wanted to let you know.
Take care, keep up the fantastic work!”

Mona Cavallero, Elmwood, Connecticut.
Has purchased many items from us including the Oriole Fest, Hummerfest, the Johnny Apple Feeder, the Selective Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, and the Bushnell Natureview Binoculars.

I love your website – It is informative, educational, and is chock-full of supplies for every need. Great work and keep up the good work. Best bird web site for general info and products I have seen! and you can put this on your customer testimonial page if you wish!”

Jay & Betsy Figueroa, Manassas, Virginia
Purchased the Bushnell Spacemaster Spotting Scope.

“Hi Folks:
Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived and I’m totally thrilled! The spotting scope is a Christmas present for my wife, but I don’t think she will mind if I use it to watch the numerous birds in our backyard or when we go on vacations and field trips.Our next vacationis in February when we will watch migrating birds at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.In May, we will put the spotting scope to good use on a cruise along Alaska’s Inland Passage.
Thanks for great service and a great product.”

Lovisa Kamenoff, Brockton, Massachusetts
Purchases our Wild Bird Seed Mix, Thistle, Waste Free Blend and Black Oil Sunflower Seed.

“Your order arrived today and I am very pleased!The seed looks wonderful, clean and fresh and nice, the service was very prompt, and the shipping charges were very little more than I have been paying from New Hampshire!…. I am most happy with your quality and service!
Thank you so much!!!!Lovisa”

Debbie Burwell, Fairfield, California
Purchased the Johnny Apple Feeder and Ivy Fruit Cafe.

“I just received my order of two copper bird feeders. They are beautiful and I’m sure my bird friends will get much enjoyment from them. The shipment was just as promised. Fast and efficient. Thank You,”

Kim, Columbia, Maryland
Purchased the Hummingbird Tapestry Throw

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my tapestry/throw…it’s absolutely beautiful! I hung it on the landing of the open riser split staircase off my living room and it looks wonderful. I love the rich colors and pattern. They match my dusty rose/hunter green hummingbird motif in my living room perfectly. Thanks,”

Marie Gyurko, Kittery Point, Maine
Purchased the squirrel munch box.

“I know you’re really busy this time of year, but I wanted to tell you how happy I am.This is my first order via e-mail and I was very apprehensive, but you made it so easy. You really have a great web site and I’m glad I found you. The squirrel feeder arrived yesterday and it was exactly what I wanted. I am so used to ordering something and being disappointed when it finally arrives. thanks a lot. I got you bookmarked. have a nice holiday.”

Shawn Whitten,Chino Hills, California
Has purchased many items including the Johnny Apple Feeder, Wren and Screech Owl Houses, Ladybug box and Bird Seed and Suet.

“Dear Bill and Mary Kay,
I just wanted to let you know that I have been extremely happy with all of the items I have ordered and especially with the friendly service and quick shipping that I received. I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your wonderful web sight with all the terrific information and tips. I look forward to future purchases.
Thank You!”

Monica Cronin, Beachwood, New Jersey
Purchased the squirrel munch box, a suet feeder, our Johnny Apple Feeder and our waste free seed mix.

“I got my stuff yesterday, what fun! When the UPS man pulled up, my hubby was SURE it was his cigars, my daughter was SURE it was her American Girl doll, but I KNEW it was my order!
The squirrels are already making the family laugh with their peanut box, the waste free feed is already a hit with my sparrow family, and I am hoping that the double suet cage will attract those woodpeckers I hear every morning in the neighborhood!
I’ll let you know when the Johnny Apple Feeder is a success too!
I just thought I would write to you with some positive remarks since we all know that people NEVER hesitate to complain, do they 🙂
Regards, “

Jay Garthwaite, Bellevue, Washington
Purchased the squirrel munch box.

“It’s a great show.I work from an office at home in a heavily wooded area so it is a great distraction to watch the Squirrels antics…and we have a pair of Stellars Jays that are trying very hard to learn the routine.They sit and watch the squirrels…then come immediately and peck at the Plexiglas trying to get at the peanuts.Nice product.Great to be able to search then buy on the web…no hassles…great follow-up.You guys are certainly part of the new generation of “cyber-merchants”.See ya.”

Barbara Nivens, Hensley, Arkansas
Purchased one of our popular hanging cedar feeders as a gift.

“Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the bird feeder I ordered for a Christmas gift was perfect.I want to compliment you on your web site, your merchandise and most of all, your customer service.I have been telling everyone about your web site and how wonderful it was to do business with you.Best of luck with your business.I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon. You are more than welcome to use my letter for your testimonial page along with my email address.Can’t think of a better way to let people know how much I like your products and service.
Thanks again,”

Barbara Addison, Pompano Beach, Florida
Purchased one of our Sunflower Feeders as a gift.

“Thank you so much for your personalized attention.It is greatly appreciated! – there can’t be an easier and faster way of shopping.This is from the recipient – “Bill loves his bird feeder.It is already outside with birds all over it.”
Thanks again.”

Cyndi Pederson, Elbow Lake, Minnesota
Purchased one of our cedar hopper feeders with a bag of black oil sunflower seed as a gift.

“Bill and Mary Kay,
Happy New Year to all of you at Wild Birds Forever! Thank you for checking on my order. My parents received their feeder and seed and said it was just beautiful….it was nice to be able to order on-line and have it sent directly to them especially during the busy holiday times and when I live in a small rural area where we don’t have stores like this close by. I really enjoy your site and friendly service. I just wish you weren’t so far away so I could meet you all in person.
Thanks again”

Shawnique Anderson Layne,Port Orchard, Washington.
Purchased a Decorative Hummingbird Feeder.

“I love your hummingbird feeders and am giving them and a small fire extinguisher to all for X-mas (Something beautiful and something practical) I’m sure everybody will love them as well…..I finally got around to hanging up all my bird feeders last week. I couldn’t resist hanging my stained glass hummingbird feeder as well, even though it is not yet their season.I have bay windows in my dining room and pull up the blinds just to admire the beautiful feeders!!!!Everyone was real pleased with the feeders we gave them for Christmas and couldn’t stop admiring them. Thanks so much.Happy New Year!!!!”

Shawnique Anderson Layne,Port Orchard, Washington.
Purchased a Decorative Hummingbird Feeder.

“I love your hummingbird feeders and am giving them and a small fire extinguisher to all for X-mas (Something beautiful and something practical) I’m sure everybody will love them as well…..I finally got around to hanging up all my bird feeders last week. I couldn’t resist hanging my stained glass hummingbird feeder as well, even though it is not yet their season.I have bay windows in my dining room and pull up the blinds just to admire the beautiful feeders!!!!Everyone was real pleased with the feeders we gave them for Christmas and couldn’t stop admiring them. Thanks so much.Happy New Year!!!!”

Don Rogers, Topeka, Kansas
Purchased the Hanging Frog and Lilypad Birdbath

“Thanks- I received the very pretty hanging birdbath today. An excellent job of packing. This was a very smooth on-line transaction. Enjoy doing business with professionals. Thanks”

Doug Hastings,Franklin, North Carolina
Purchased the Bushnell Birder Binoculars.

“Dear folks.
I received my new binoculars Friday. What great service. I just wanted you to know that everything was great. Binoculars are just what I wanted. It is so refreshing to see small businesses work as well as yours. Just don’t move to Mexico..
Thanks Again.”

Susan Andres, Los Angeles, California
Ordered the very popular HummZinger hummingbird feeder.

“Dear Wild Birds Forever,
Are you kidding???? I’ve been trying to act sober lately, but you’ve just invited a RAVE!
I couldn’t be happier. If only you knew how much money I’ve wasted over the last 10 years on hummingbird feeders that leaked, that were impossible to clean, and for which I had to create my own ant traps out of plastic one-cup coffee-filter holders and silicon glue….But the Hummzinger has proven to be the answer to all my prayers. The hummingbirds love it too.
Even more mind-boggling is that the Hummziner made one of my most cherished dreams come true:
I’m from the East. Never knew till a few years ago that there are orioles in California. Longed hopelessly to see one, but thought it pretty unlikely since I live only 10 minutes from downtown LA.
So……guess what just came to visit my Hummzinger (and actually managed to get at the nectar)? You’ll be hearing from me again, very soon — when I order an oriole feeder.
All the best from your ecstatic customer,”

Purchased the Suet Haven suet feeder.

“I purchased the suet feeder with the cage around it and it works great. The starlings can get a little out but not much and they give up, the raccoons don’t bother it, so when the woodpeckers come there is suet for them. A satisfied customer.”

Carla Craig p.s. All the birds thank you as well.
Purchased the Allied Heated Birdbath.

Less than 1 week ago, I ordered via the internet, a heated birdbath for my father as his heater no longer worked and his water was frozen. To my amazement and to his delight, the birdbath was delivered on Christmas Eve while the whole family was there. Thanks for the very rapid service. Even though I did track the package on the UPS site, and they indicated it would be delivered on the 24th, I couldn’t believe it would be delivered so soon. Thanks again.”

Sherril Carlin, Reno, Nevada
Purchased the bird bath water heater.

“We got our heater yesterday, plugged it in, and it works great, the bird bath was unfrozen this morning, after a night of 20 degrees…..We got snow last night, and the bath was just wonderful and warm, and some of our finches have been enjoying it this morning.Thank you so much, your friendly, personal and quick service has made us customers who’ll come back!”

Jan Fredrickson, Billings, Montana
Purchased two bird bath water heaters.

“Dear Bill and Mary Kay,
My old bird bath heater finally stopped working and I just received your Nelson Blue Devil Bird Bath Heater. I am happy to say it works beautifully. We have had an extremely mild winter here (Billings, Montana) but cool enough to routinely freeze my bird bath. We ordered your product (plus a back-up heater) and received it quickly and just in time as a cold front moved in yesterday and we have snow! today. Yesterday, I was out frequently pouring warm water into the bird bath so they could drink at intervals. Today, UPS delivered the heater and I put it into operation with the snow falling. It was very simple to get started and is working beautifully – no more sad faced robins and finches (and starlings) as they tried to peck at frozen water. Thank you so much for a quick response – I will not be making several trips through the snow to pour warm water in the bird bath – the birds and I thank you,”

Suzie Korth, San Diego, California
Purchased the Screech Owl/Kestrel House.

“Thank you for your follow up!I am extremely happy with the owl house! I am hoping that my area is going to be okay for the owls.Thank you again.”

John White

“I have had an owl box in my front yard for 4 yrs, with the same pair nesting. Not sure if this is good, because the owls take food right from my hand. Maybe they are too tame. They fly onto my front porch when they see me. Extremely tamed. To back the story up, the last time I fed them was just before the babies came out of the box last spring. Only two weeks ago is when I fed them again. They definitely remember me; coming right to my hand again. In the past, I have fed them meal worms and small mice. I only feed them occasionally. Too all those who can purchase an owl box, I highly recommend it.” Click here for a picture!”

The Jorgensons, Pebble Beach, California
Purchased the Stokes Field Guide and a Birdhouse Book.

“Our books arrived this morning.They are beautiful and arrived so quickly.We are very glad to know (from Stokes Field Guide) exactly which birds we have attracted.
So far, we have identified the following: White-throated Sparrow (adults & immature); House Sparrow; Oregon Junco; Steller’s Jay; Western Scrub Jay; American Robin; Acorn Woodpeckers; Mourning Dove; Hummingbirds; Black Birds and probably Lawrence’s Goldfinch.
These birds have lived with us for years here in Del Monte Forest; but since we added two bird baths and several feeders with suet and sunflower seed, they now come in abundance.Last Spring we had the pleasure of watching two families of woodpeckers learn to fly and mature in our yard.Very soon there will be new “nesting places” due to the book (Birdhouses, Woodworking Projects).Thanks again.”

April Dominguez, Mesa, Arizona
Purchased the Designer Chickadee Bird House as a gift for her father.

“Thank you! Everything was great. He appreciated all the information and we hope he gets results soon! Great customer service…..now if we could only get other businesses to follow in your footsteps!”

John Wavish,Sussex, England
Purchased the Duncraft Haven Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

“The feeder arrived in good order. It seems to be a well-made solid affair, and the local birds are getting used to it. One of my squirrels had a good try at it, but had to go away to think it over. We shall see whether English squirrels are cleverer than American ones!
The local sparrows and blue tits are getting quite adept now, after two or three days of deep suspicion. They have even got the idea that if they cannot reach anything through one of the holes, then try the hole below. The squirrels have not returned yet.
Regards, “

Elizabeth Romines, Judson, Texas
Purchased the Duncraft Selective Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

“Got my order and love all the feeders. The small birds took right away to the feeder and the blackbirds have moved out to other yards. Thanks for your quick response. I love the web site too. I visit it everyday.”

L. Mecchi, Pittsgrove, New Jersey
Purchased the Butterfly Feeder along with the Hummerfest.

“Am enjoying all products purchased…. the feeders were on my housesitter’s list and she loved watching them !
Thanks !”

Sharon Sturis, Oceanside, California
Purchased a Hummingbird Window Feeder and Best-1 Hummingbird Nectar.

“Thank you so much for your email. Yes, I received my order from you fine and just love the birdfeeder. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again,”

Adrienne Cortez, Visalia, California
Purchased the Schrodt Clear Hummingbird Lantern.

Just had to write and let you know how pleased I am with my Schrodt hummingbird lantern (feeder). Thanks for the prompt, quality service. I know I’ll be ordering more from you in the future. Keep up the great work! Sincerely,”

John Collins, Purchased the Whispering Waters Dripper

“Yes, the dripper is a huge success (I bought it to replace a dripper that was not as well made and which I accidentally destroyed with my lawn edger).Chickadees, titmice, etc. all drink from the drip directly and the sound of the water dripping brought quite a few migrants to the birdbath in spring and now again in fall.Plus, I don’t have to worry about the birdbath being emptied by the behemoth rock doves while I’m at work during the day since the dripper fills it up again.