Leaf Mister

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The Leaf Mister does not have a base. It has a mister nozzle attached to flexible tubing. Run the tubing onto a branch and have the fine mist drop off of the leaves for the birds or to mist your flowering plants.

Our misters are simple, subtle and also come with our exclusive custom valve. Each mister gently sprays a fine mist over foliage, elevated above most predators and attracting the delightful antics of ummingbirds.

These flying sprites are normally hard to spot, but with our mister, you’ll be amazed at just how many are attracted as they dart through the mist again and again, or rub up against the wet leaves to leaf bathe. Comes with 50′ of ¼” tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve so mist can be directed to desired spot. High quality plastic fittings. Hooks directly to your outdoor faucet-no electricity needed. Includes mister nozzle and all parts necessary for installation.

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