HaveGard Pre-Filled Thistle Sacks

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THE #1 PREFERRED FEEDER OF FINCHES!! Now a convenient way to present thistle! Each convenient sock is made of a mesh material that finches LOVE to perch on! These easy to use and refill thistle bags are designed to attract goldfinches, house finches, redpolls,pine siskins, indigo buntings, song sparrows and white-throated sparrows.

Havegard’s Refillable Thistle Sack is a pre-filled Thistle Feeder that can be refilled again and again. Finches love to cling to the cloth mesh and pick seeds out of the pouch. Simply hang the refillable thistle pouch in your yard or on the balcony, and enjoy watching the Finches on this remarkable feeder. Refill with Niger Thistle again and again.

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