Birds Choice Recycled Bluejay Feeder w/Green Roof

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This unique bird feeder is designed to dispense whole peanuts, a favorite food of Blue Jays! Recycled Bluejay Feeder. Constructed with recycled poly-lumber, this whole peanut in the shell feeder attracts jays and woodpeckers. Unique design with large holes in the plexy to make it easy for the birds to extract the peanuts. Holds 2-1/4 quarts. Hanging cord included.

This unique feeder which holds whole peanuts in the shell will attract jays and woodpeckers. The roof opens to fill and the peanuts are pulled out of the numerous cut-out circles in the plexy, sized for whole peanuts in the shell. Fill this feeder and watch the birds have fun pulling the peanuts out or pecking them open at the feeder to extract the nut. Volume: 2-1/4 Quarts. Made out of recycled poly lumber, this feeder has a taupe base and a green roof.

Made with 5/8″ poly lumber
All screwed construction using stainless steel screws
Aluminum rust-resistant continuous hinges
Fully routed edges
Two poly sides with numerous feeding holes
Fill with whole peanuts in the shell
Comes with hanging cable
Made in the USA by Birds Choice

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