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LOVING THOSE ADORABLE WRENS! ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Found throughout most of North America, wrens are chubby little birds with slender, slightly curved bills. You can always spot one of these perky birds with their short tails erect, flitting about your yard. Wrens are wonderful to have around as they eat many insect pests […]


GET WILD ABOUT WOODPECKERS! Close to twenty species of woodpeckers live in North America. Most woodpeckers live all year in the same area and don’t migrate. Woodpeckers can be found in a variety of habitats including farmlands, open woodlands, orchards, oak and pine woods, parks and gardens. Woodpeckers are very beneficial to our environment. They […]


ATTRACTING THOSE ADORABLE WARBLERS ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Warblers bring welcome motion and sound to our gardens in summer. You may have overheard many avid birders boast about seeing a “Yellow -Rumped Warbler” or an “Orange-Crowned Warbler” on one of their birding expeditions. There are many species of warblers in North America with elaborate […]


ATTRACTING THE TITMOUSE TO YOUR YARD The titmouse family is distinguished by their gray color, and lighter bellies, their jazzy tufted head, short, sharp beak, and adorable large bright eyes. The titmouse, with its energetic temperament can be seen nervously flitting about your feeding station. It will be one of the perkiest birds you see […]

Purple Martins

ATTRACTING PURPLE MARTINS ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Purple martins aren’t purple at all. They’re glossy deep blue, almost black with a forked tail. Early native Americans prized the purple martin and offered houses for them in the form of hollowed out gourds. Martins are beautiful, graceful, clean, interesting and beneficial birds. Their bubbling chirps […]

Pine Siskins

ENTERTAINING PINE SISKINS ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Pine Siskins are a perky and sociable member of the finch family. They spend most of the winter in the southern regions of the U.S., returning to the Northern areas to mate and summer. Pine siskins can congregate in flocks up to 200 birds! They are a […]


GO NUTTY FOR NUTHATCHES! ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Nuthatches are dapper little birds that have the peculiar habit of traveling head-first down tree trunks. This unusual posture allows them to search bark crevices for insects overlooked by other birds who move along trees head first. Nuthatches are valuable birds to have around. They keep […]