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Dripping Hummingbird Feeders

Tips on Keeping Tube-Type Hummingbird Feeders from Dripping Tube-type gravity fed hummingbird feeders have been around for a long time and are very popular with hummingbirds because they simulate the tube shape of many nectar-bearing flowers. However, because of their design, these feeders may occasionally drip. How to stop the dripping? There is no perfect […]

Attract More Hummingbirds

HOW TO ATTRACT MORE HUMMINGBIRDS! ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Across the South and West, hummingbirds are seen all year. To the North and Northeast, hummingbirds brighten our gardens from April to October. The following information has been compiled in order to help you enjoy these iridescent jewels and attract more of them to your […]