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Squirrels are intelligent, inquisitive, skillful and handsome. Many of us enjoy squirrels and spend a good deal of money and time keeping them well fed. These adorable furry bandits are responsible for planting many of the trees you now enjoy. Their instinctual habit of gathering nuts and burying them for the winter, is actually to […]


Learning to Love Ladybugs The ladybug is one of the few insects which enjoys popularity around the world, and for good reason. These pretty insects are credited with many virtues. Ladybugs have long been considered a symbol of good luck and fortune. Because of their ability to eat an enormous supply of aphids, ladybugs were […]

Attracting Bats to Your Yard

ATTRACTING BENEFICIAL BATS TO YOUR BACKYARD The more you vary your habitat, the greater the number and diversity of wildlife you will attract. We all know how important bats are for eating pesky insects (one bat can consume over 3,000 flying insects in one night!). Here are some tips on helping to attract and keep […]