House Finches

ATTRACTING HOUSE FINCHES ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever The House Finch is a common visitor to most backyard feeding stations. Their bright red chests and sociable behavior make them a feeder favorite! They gather together at most feeding stations enjoying your food and each others’ company. Identification Sparrow sized at 5 – 5 3/4″, the […]


ATTRACTING GROSBEAKS TO YOUR BACKYARD GARDEN ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Flocks of grosbeaks are a familiar site at backyard bird feeders, especially if you offer blackoil sunflower seed. Grosbeaks are about the size of a cardinal, and have a prominent, conical beak, which is designed to eat and crush nuts and seeds. Whether you […]


GET GORGEOUS GOLDFINCHES! Hungry flocks of sociable goldfinches are a delight to watch in any backyard. Three species of goldfinches make their home in the U.S: The American Goldfinch, the brightest of the three, inhabits most parts of the U.S., generally moving to the northern states during the mating season and to the southern states […]


ATTRACTING CHICKADEES! The chickadee is a part of the Titmouse family. This small and perky bird is a familiar and welcome visitor to our backyard feeders and gardens in winter. There are five species in North America, the black capped chickadee which makes its home to the north, the Chestnut backed chickadee found in the […]

Cedar Waxwings

THE CEDAR WAXWING The beautiful Cedar Waxwing is identified by its pronounced delicate robe of contrasting colors and silky texture. Cedar Waxwings are intensive foragers and have been reported to devour an entire fruit crop of red cedars over a two day period. Such feats have earned them their name and led to the belief […]


ATTRACTING THE NORTHERN CARDINAL The cardinal is probably one of the most recognizable and popular backyard birds because of its brilliant red color and crested head. Cardinals will mate for life and remain together throughout the entire year. That’s why you will usually see a male and female together at your feeding station. Range and […]


ATTRACTING BUTTERFLIES – HOST A GARDEN PARTY FOR THEM! Compliments of Wild Birds Forever A writer once described butterflies as “dream flowers” – childhood dreams, which have broken, loose and escaped into the sunshine. Next time you spot a beautiful butterfly dreamily floating through your garden, consider this: most adult butterflies live only 10-20 days, […]

Blue Jays

LEARN ABOUT BLUEJAYS! Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Let’s talk about these large and often gregarious birds! Some people love them and some people love to hate them! Regardless of your disposition, let’s learn more about these beautiful birds OK? Jays, who have a habit of “planting” seeds and acorns, are actually very beneficial and […]


ATTRACTING BLUEBIRDS! Compliments of Wild Birds Forever Bluebirds are a member of the Thrush family related to the American Robin. Three bluebirds make their home in North America: The Eastern Bluebird, The Western Bluebird and the Mountain Bluebird. The bluebird is very beneficial to us, eating large quantities of insects, such as cutworms and grasshoppers, […]

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