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Build a Bluebird Trail

CREATE YOUR OWN BLUEBIRD TRAIL ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever The gentle and beautiful bluebird was once very common in North America. The bluebird is a beneficial bird, eating many insects that ruin our crops and gardens such as cutworms and grasshoppers. Today, the number of bluebirds has diminished due to habitat loss, overuse of […]

Bird Identification

TIPS & TRICKS TO IDENTIFYING YOUR BACKYARD BIRDS ….Compliments of Wild Birds Forever We’ve had many requests to help identify backyard birds. We thought we’d share some tips with you to make bird identification easier. There are several things to consider when watching and identifying your backyard birds. First, you need a good field guide. […]

Bird Houses

BIRDHOUSES AND NESTING MATERIALS Spring is nesting time for our feathered friends. You may have noticed many of your backyard birds engaging in elaborate courtship rituals or staking territory. Your backyard birds will now be busy selecting a nesting site, collecting nesting materials and building a nest (which can take thousands of trips.) Attracting nesting […]

Bird Feeding Chart

North American Bird Feeding Chart What wild birds do you want to attract to your own backyard? Find your bird and their preferred food below. Also see Bird Feeders.   WILD BIRD SPECIES PREFERRED FOOD READILY EATEN Quail, Pheasants Cracked Corn Millet, Berries Pigeons, Doves Millet Sunflower, Milo, Bread, Nuts, Cracked Corn, Thistle Roadrunners Meat […]

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Creating a Backyard Habitat Habitat restoration is vital for wild birds and other wildlife due to our commercial and residential infringement on their natural areas. We’re good at building places to live but don’t give much thought to creating habitat – places where we can live in harmony with other living creatures. It is up […]