Des Moines Feed Company has been a family owned and family run business since 1944. Observation and experience soon taught us to formulate a better, cleaner, and healthier mix that provides greater nutritional value for the animals, wild birds, chickens and the livestock consuming it. The grain coming into our facility is non-GMO and our various cleaners bring it to a 99% purity. This is important in providing the most nutrient-rich and healthy options for the birds at your feeder. We have created our own formulations of mixed seed and grains to cater to our customers who desire something more specific.

We firmly believe, as our founder said, “Good feed doesn’t cost, it pays!” Currently the third, fourth, and fifth generations are working hard to provide our customers’ pets and wildlife friends the best in natural nutrition. Our full-service support can help you make the right decisions when it comes to feed, bedding, yard accessories, and more. We will help you in regards to turf grass seed, pasture seeding, cover crops, wildlife food plots, prairie grass, wildflower plantings, vegetable gardening, poultry feeds, show pigeon and racing homer pigeon feeds.

While being a relatively small business, we have continually been on the cutting edge of designing extraordinary feed formulas.