Window Collisions

Window Decals to Avoid Bird Collisions with Windows

Millions of songbirds are killed each year flying into windows. Birds see the sky and trees reflected in our windows and unwittingly fly toward the mirage. The best solutions break up the reflections on the glass:

  • Place window stickers or decals on the window.
  • Hang a few long, one inch strips of foil from the eaves. Hang strips of paper or colored ribbon, or even a mobile outside the window.
  • Spray a thin coat of artificial snow on the window.
  • Attach sheer nylon netting over the window.
  • Try making your windows less transparent by shutting the blinds, changing the lighting inside or pulling the shade. Tape paper or cardboard on the inside of the window panes.
  • Place your feeders closer to the glass. If the feeder is only a foot or two away from the glass, panicked birds won’t have the momentum to injure themselves.
  • As a last resort, move your feeders to another location.
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