Bird House Maintenance


It is a good idea to clean out all your birdhouses after each nesting. Fall is the best time to plan this activity after the mating season has passed. It is recommended that you clean your houses at least once a year.

Remove all old nesting material and discard in your trash. If the house is extremely soiled, you might want to clean it with a light water and soap mixture or a light bleach and water mixture, or even better, use a natural birdhouse cleaner. Use a stiff brush to clean the inside and outside of your house.

It is important to rinse your house well with clear water, then allow to dry thoroughly in the sun before re-mounting. Many folks will leave their birdhouses up through the winter months so other birds can use them as a roosting shelter from bad weather. If you do leave your house up over the winter, we do recommend this same cleaning procedure in early spring before the next mating season gets underway.

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