The titmouse family is distinguished by their gray color, and lighter bellies, their jazzy tufted head, short, sharp beak, and adorable large bright eyes. The titmouse, with its energetic temperament can be seen nervously flitting about your feeding station. It will be one of the perkiest birds you see at your feeder. These active and agile birds can be seen hanging upside down from twigs to feed, and flock together when not nesting.

You can attract the Titmouse to your backyard by:

  1. Planting seed and nut bearing trees such as evergreens, beechnut and oak.
  2. Plant berry producing bushes such as elderberry and bayberries.
  3. The Titmouse will be a frequent visitor to your feeders in the winter. Provide a feeding station with a hopper feeder and plenty of perching space. Since Titmice are agile birds, consider a stainless steel peanut or sunflower feeder as shown to the right. Fill it with peanut kernels or black oil sunflower seed.
  4. Place out a platform feeder and fill it with peanut kernels, grapes, apples or berries.
  5. Offer a suet feeder placed near the trunk of a tree.
  6. Smear peanut butter onto tree trunks and branches.
  7. Offer a source of water for drinking and bathing.

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