Squirrels are intelligent, inquisitive, skillful and handsome. Many of us enjoy squirrels and spend a good deal of money and time keeping them well fed. These adorable furry bandits are responsible for planting many of the trees you now enjoy. Their instinctual habit of gathering nuts and burying them for the winter, is actually to our benefit. Fortunately for us, they don’t always remember or recover all their buried treasure, so we benefit when a new tree has been planted. And we all know how good trees are for cleaning our air!

Squirrels are very social creatures, each has a home range of usually 1-7 acres. The shape of a squirrel’s range appears to be long and narrow. The most important fact is that most squirrels’ ranges overlap. This is the basis for squirrel society. Within the overlapping ranges, there is a well-defined social hierarchy. when squirrels meet they recognize each other by sight and smell, which also includes the knowledge of who is dominate and who is subordinate.

Entice these fury critters to their own feeding stations and keep them off your bird feeders! Research has shown that squirrels are very territorial. When fed continuously away from your bird feeders, they will mark the area as their own and protect it from other squirrels entering the area.

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