Pine Siskins

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Pine Siskins are a perky and sociable member of the finch family. They spend most of the winter in the southern regions of the U.S., returning to the Northern areas to mate and summer. Pine siskins can congregate in flocks up to 200 birds! They are a wonderful sight when they decide to visit your feeder by the dozens. Their dusty brown streaking and yellow markings on their wings and tail distinguish them as one of the colorful finches.

Range and Habitat

Pine siskins breed during the spring and summer in the northern climes of the U.S. and Canada. They inhabit most of the central U.S. year round and migrate to the southern states during the winter.

Pine siskins prefer nesting in the edges of coniferous forests and in logged-over second growth forest clearings in the mountains and the north. They prefer garden habitats resembling woodland edges opening onto grassy areas and flower beds allowed to go to seed. Pine siskins are great to have around because they will glean aphids from the leaves in your garden!

How to Attract Pine Siskins to Your Backyard!

  1. In the wild, pine siskins feed on tall weeds, tearing the seed heads apart then dropping to the ground to eat them. They like the seeds of trees, especially alder, birch, spruce, pine, sweet gum and maple.
  2. Thistle or nyjer seed is a favorite at the backyard feeder for them especially during the winter. Present thistle in a special tube feeder or sprinkle it on the ground for them.
  3. They also enjoy whole or shelled sunflower as well as canary seed, millet, and finely cracked corn.
  4. At our feeder they absolutely love sunflower hearts and chips on a large tube feeder that allows most of the flock to feed from!
  5. Your pine siskins will also enjoy suet in any variety, but they are partial to insect suet!
  6. Don’t forget to offer a source of water for drinking and bathing. It is an absolute delight to see a large flock of pine siskins getting wet in your bird bath!

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