The oriole, which is a part of the blackbird family, is a welcome visitor in spring. The signature of the oriole is its vibrant orange and black coloring and its beautifully woven hanging nest, suspended pouch like from the very tips of tree branches.

Range and Habitat

Orioles prefer open woodlands, river groves and tall shade trees with shrubby undergrowth. They have adapted well to yards, parks and avenues of trees along streets. They like to nest in tall poplars, willows and cottonwoods.

Feeding Preferences

Oriole’s eat primarily insects, but in summer and fall eat fleshy fruits and berries. Mulberries, serviceberries, brambles, cherries, mountain ash, nuts and figs are among their favorite plant foods.

Attracting Orioles to your backyard:

  1. Orioles will visit nectar feeders. They will enjoy your hummingbird feeders or a specially designed oriole feeder filled with nectar.
  2. Offer orange halves firmly placed on tree branches, in a special oriole feeder or fruit holder.
  3. Orioles enjoy grape and apple jelly or orange marmalade.
  4. Offer chopped pears, apples and orange halves in a platform feeder or fruit feeder.
  5. They may come to your suet feeder. Try offering orange, insect or berry flavored suet.
  6. Plant fruit and berry producing plants such as mulberries, serviceberries, brambles, cherries or figs.
  7. Offer a source of water for drinking and bathing.

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