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Nuthatches are dapper little birds that have the peculiar habit of traveling head-first down tree trunks. This unusual posture allows them to search bark crevices for insects overlooked by other birds who move along trees head first. Nuthatches are valuable birds to have around. They keep trees healthy by eating tons of beetles, caterpillars, wood borers, and other damaging insects. Nuthatches are loved by most backyard bird enthusiasts as they are unusually tame and unsuspicious around people, and can be easily trained to feed from your hand!

There are several varieties of nuthatches found throughout the U.S. including the white breasted nuthatch, the red-breasted nuthatch, and the pygmy nuthatch. All nuthatches will stay in their range year round, and can be identified primarily by their formal looking blue-gray top coats, white bellies, and distinctively striped heads.

Attracting Nuthatches to Your Backyard!

  1. Keep nuthatches happy in your yard by planting conifers and nut trees. Nuthatches will enjoy the seeds of pine trees, spruces, firs, and hemlocks. They are very fond of beechnuts, acorns and hickories.
  2. At your bird feeders, nuthatches love black oil sunflower seed and nut meats. Suet is an absolute must if you want to keep them around. Our natural suet log feeders filled with peanut suet are a great way to make nuthatches feel at home in your yard!
  3. Nuthatches are one of the easiest birds to hand tame. Offer black oil sunflower seed or shelled nuts in your outstretched palm and watch them up close!
  4. Nuthatches will nest in a bird house built to the proper dimensions.
  5. And always offer a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing.

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