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Flocks of grosbeaks are a familiar site at backyard bird feeders, especially if you offer blackoil sunflower seed. Grosbeaks are about the size of a cardinal, and have a prominent, conical beak, which is designed to eat and crush nuts and seeds. Whether you get the Evening Grosbeak, the Black-Headed Grosbeak, or the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in your area, follow our simple steps below to keep them around!

Attracting Grosbeaks to Your Backyard

Most species of Grosbeaks summer throughout North America, and prefer woodlands, orchards, and gardens especially if a water source is available. They feed predominately on tree nuts, seeds, berries, fruit and insects.

A Hopper Style Seed Feeder filled with their favorite black oil sunflower seed is the best way to keep grosbeaks around. Since grosbeaks are medium sized birds, make sure your bird feeder offers good perching space.

The conical shape of this bird’s beak marks it as a seed eater, but they devour large amounts of harmful insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars, cutworms and weevils. A seed feeder WITH suet cages and good perching space is a welcome sight to grosbeaks, who will help themselves to this high protein food.

A source of water is also important. Offer your grosbeaks water in a bird bath, with a dripper or mister. We have some wonderful bird baths and water drippers available.

Grosbeaks enjoy fruits and berries as well. Plant blueberries, blackberries, elderberries and bittersweet in your garden. Offer summer berries in a concentrated stash at a platform feeder, or better yet, offer our DELUXE BIRD WATCHERS MIX which has lots of sunflower seed PLUS dried fruit!

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