There are over 39 species of bats in the United States with 36 of these species doing a remarkable job of eating mosquitoes and flying insects. Bats are an important part of our environment and have been recorded to eat up to 600 insects an hour, while most will consume between 2000 and 3000 insects per night.

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The bat is nature’s way of removing night flying insects and we doubt seriously if any blue zapping light could ever match the abilities of one little harmless bat. In most species the female bat has only one baby per year and without the help of man-made bat shelters these gentle creatures are running out of housing in today’s modern world.

Bats are disappearing from the earth at alarming rates. You can help bats by providing housing, not disturbing them in their roosting spots, and avoiding man made insecticides. Click on the picture at the left to learn about bat shelters and how to place them in your own backyard.

Bat Conservation International also has some great information on successful bat houses.

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